Virtual Wardrobe Edit 1

Virtual Wardrobe Edit

Detox your wardrobe with an online session that will change the future of your style with the Image Vale Styling Virtual Wardrobe Edit.

Do you look at a cluttered and disorganised wardrobe and feel disheartened by what you see? Are you unsure about whether you have been wearing the right clothes for your shape? Have you become frustrated with your wardrobe, and wish that it was full of pieces that you actually enjoyed wearing regularly?

An Image Vale Styling Virtual Wardrobe Edit is the ideal way forward.

I believe you should be able to open your wardrobe, look at what’s inside and love what you see! A Virtual Wardrobe Edit is the perfect service for those who want to rediscover the potential in their existing wardrobe, whilst understanding more about the shapes and styles that actually work best from them – revealing a fresh perspective on how to start reworking your wardrobe.

Wearing pieces that flatter and suit you, in styles that work, can make the biggest difference to your confidence and is the perfect starting block towards creating your ideal style identity and building a capsule wardrobe that will truly elevate and impress.

How It Works

The first step is for you to fill out the Wardrobe Edit Consultation Form below or you can simply get in touch here. I will happily get back to you with any additional questions I may have for you and to arrange a convenient date and time for our virtual session.

I will also give you some additional steps for you to take in order to prepare for your wardrobe edit. (Don’t worry, these are just a couple of exercises on how to start categorising your wardrobe; they are insightful techniques and a great first step in looking at your wardrobe with a fresh perspective!)

The next step is the actual session via Zoom. After I conduct your initial body shape analysis, we will be focusing on the items of your wardrobe that need the most attention. I will be on hand to guide you through and help assess the garments that really work for your style, body shape and goals, whilst identifying the gaps in your current wardrobe that need to be filled.

After our session, I will return to you a curated list of stylish, wardrobe essentials and accessories that will be needed to transform your existing wardrobe. These staple pieces will become the foundation of your next step in elevating your style journey – a Virtual Styling Session.

Learn to love your wardrobe again!


Maximum consultation time of 3 hours

For longer consultation times, an additional £25.00 per half hour will be charged thereafter.

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