Virtual Skin Workshop 1

Virtual Skin Workshop

Reveal your beauty confidence with honest, expert skincare and make-up advice in the comfort of your home, with the Image Vale Styling Virtual Skin Workshop.

Looking for honest skincare and make-up advice? Tired of using the same beauty products and unsure of whether your skincare routine needs an overhaul?

Know your skin. Understand your skin. Find the answers with the Virtual Skin Workshop.

The Virtual Skin Workshop is the perfect, time-savvy session, if you’re ready to address those on-going skin issues that you’ve been facing. It may concern problems associated with congested, blemish-prone skin or hypersensitivity and irritability. Perhaps, you would simply like to gain knowledge and insight on the best anti-ageing products and brands that are really worth your time and money.

Through a virtual session, I will be able to evaluate and address your specific beauty concerns with an unbiased and professional eye, and impart my expert knowledge in a friendly and relatable way. Allow me to help in understanding the right products that will actually work best for your skin.

It’s also an excellent opportunity for me to simplify a lot of confusing, industry jargon and break down those myths and marketing tools that can often leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed in beauty and department stores.

Experience the key benefits of The Skin Workshop within a convenient time frame, and in the comfort of your own home!

How It Works

The first step is to fill out The Skin Workshop Consultation Form below or you can simply email me here. I will then happily get back to you with any additional questions I may have and availability for your session via Zoom.

During our session, we will be able to discuss in depth, the issues or challenges that you have been facing. Upon seeing your skin and gaining more insight on your skin history, I will be able to advise on a plan to resolve your skincare problems and develop a bespoke regime to help you achieve your goals.

If your concerns revolve around make-up, I’ll be able to offer you make-up advice and educate you in a way that will give you tips and techniques for life, that will transform your everyday routine!

Following our session, I will return to you, your new Image Vale Styling Skincare Guide – a curated list of recommendations for only the best products to suit your needs and budget.

The Virtual Skin Workshop is an excellent opportunity to invest in targeted and effective products – a great way to understand your skin better and boost your skin confidence again!

Price and duration can vary, dependent on individual client needs.


Maximum consultation time of 1 hour

For longer consultation times, an additional £25.00 per half hour will be charged thereafter.

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