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Read some of the many client testimonials I have received, and find out why people trust my personal styling services.

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“I have always paid very little attention to the clothes I wear, always opting for the quickest, most comfortable and affordable outfit everyday! I work from home and travel with the children to and from school and their various activities everyday, so I’ve never found the desire to make much of an effort with my wardrobe. What I didn’t realise, was that my self-confidence was being affected by my frumpy and ill-fitted attire.

I contacted Dani to get some professional advice and guidance to start me off with a new wardrobe that actually suits me and accentuates my shape in all the right ways!

Dani was so lovely and warm, making me feel comfortable from the offset. We spent a good while discussing my feelings towards my appearance and the styles I like the look and feel of.

Dani took all this information and went to work sourcing a variety of different outfits to present to me when we hit the shops. I had such a wonderfully fun time trying on different items and modelling for Dani who was honest and helpful with her feedback, never once making me feel self-conscious or embarrassed. We ended the day with several new essential pieces in my bags, a couple of special outfits for big occasions, glamorous new shoes and a very good understanding of how best to put it all together.

I have since been sticking to Dani’s advice, combining both my new clothes as well as my existing ones which I can now use in new ways, and have been pleasantly surprised by the compliments I have been receiving! I now no longer hide away from full-length photos and feel more confident in myself, whether I’m going to a business meeting or on a school drop off.

Thank you so much Dani, I’ll be back in contact for my Spring/Summer wardrobe!”

Danielle Minto,
Business Owner & Mother,

“I first met Dani at one of her personal styling events. She is really warm, friendly and very knowledgeable. She has so many tips and tricks on how to make the most of what you’re wearing to make it more flattering and interesting. I’d highly recommend her.”

Jo Munday
Freelance Web Developer

“Dani helped me introduce a new lease of life into my wardrobe. She really opened my eyes to understanding more about which styles actually suited my shape and what a phenomenal difference knowing the right tones and colours that compliment me, can make.
From the start, she was so understanding, and she really helped me perfect the look I wanted to achieve. She has a great eye for detail!”

Hannah Mack
Regional Marketing Manager

“I’m normally quite simple with my style, but Dani really opened my eyes to new ideas. I was so pleased to discover varying colour options could work for me and she also introduced me to the sports-luxe style which is ideal for my line of work. I’d definitely recommend Dani.”

Andrew Ozansoy
Personal Trainer